McConnell The Columbus Blue Jackets in partnership with the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation, have established the John H. McConnell Scholarship Fund in honor of the team’s founder.


2010 Business First Corporate Caring Benefactor of the Year


Blue Jackets at School
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for offering this program. It has motivated so many kids to read - kids that wouldn't typically be that motivated to read. Our school has had a lot of fun watching kids' names move up the scoreboard. Since we have a small school (130 students), we combined the whole school for one big bulletin board. We've watched the kids' names moved up and up, and it's great to see that several kids have already read 1000 minutes!!
Thank you again for your efforts to improve literacy. I believe your program greatly motivates students!!
Central College Magnet School

I just wanted to thank you and the Blue Jackets for such a WONDERFUL program in the Book Jackets reading program. I had the opportunity to take several of my students to the All Star Kids Rally last night and it was amazing. They had such a GREAT time and felt very special. They loved meeting Stinger and the players. They took the pennants that they received and got them signed. All of the kids thought it was so cool and wished that they had read more and been able to go. Again thank you for a wonderful evening.
Jackson Intermediate School

Thanks for all of the incentives from the Blue Jackets. The Book Jackets Program is very motivating to the students and increases the amount that they read.
Heritage Middle School

I am an elementary school teacher at Kidder Elementary in Brunswick, Ohio. I printed the Blue Jackets Fitness Challenge student packets and teacher direction of your website at the beginning of the school year and incorporated it into my PE class at the end of September. The challenge went over extremely well with the students...they were very competitive with themselves to do better each time. I stressed the importance of self improvement and not to worry about what the person next to them was doing! They loved the speed run the most and I hung a wall of fame above the gym office door with the fastest female and male in the school. I definitely will be doing the challenge with them each year.
Kidder Elementary

61 Club
I wanted to email you and thank you for having so many wonderful programs for our school age children to be able to be a part of. Myself and other London Teachers have been doing the book jackets program for a few years now. This was the first year that we as a school did the Club 61 Challenge and our students were able to go to last nights game. I have had so much feedback from students as well as parents on the great experience they had with this. We are hoping in the future that more of our students as well as staff get involved with this program. Being a huge Jackets fan it is great to be able to see young fans developing in an educational way! Thank you for giving them the opportunities in each of your programs. We are already very excited for next years programs! If you ever need anything from us please never hesitate to ask!
Alisha Nolan
London Elementary School

Skate Into Scouting
I wanted to share some exciting information with you regarding a national award that the Simon Kenton Council won for the “Skate Into Scouting” program. Each year the National Boy Scouts of America reviews local Council marketing efforts nationwide. Entries are submitted and judged by a group of marketing professionals. See attached. We are listed as one of the nine winners in the overall marketing campaign. There are over 300 Councils nationwide and to be recognized at this level is just awesome. These winning marketing ideas are shared with other Councils as best practices. Thanks for all of your support with this program. None of this would have been possible without your financial support and involvement.
Brian Asbury

Tickets for Charity
Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for letting us use those Blue Jackets tickets. The boys loved it. Their eyes were huge, along with huge smiles. They clapped when the crowd clapped, danced around, and laughed every time a player got checked into the wall.  They really like the jumbo-tron when they had the fun features playing and I think their favorite thing was the IGS Energy blimp that flew around and dropped signed items.
Thanks again,

 Hats For Heroes Program
The Blue Jackets Hats For Hero's has been a fun, exciting program that has brought joy for our whole family. When you are going through cancer with your child and have siblings, the other child is left behind with all of the hospital visits and illnesses of the child with cancer. When you our part of Hats for Hero's it brings the whole family together in a fun outing and it gives us a moment of togetherness and we can forget for a day the challenges we have to face ahead
Lori (mother of pediatric cancer hero)

Stinger's Bravery Beads
We thank the Blue Jackets for our bravery beads. The beads give the kids something to look forward to. Their faces light up as their nurse hands them each bead that they have earned. Lots of the kids hang them from their IV poles. You can see them when they are roaming the halls on J5, the hemotology/oncology unit at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO TO HELP OUR KIDS!

Blue Jackets Foundation Family Resource Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
I am so thankful I don’t have to go off campus to use the computer, send a fax or do a load of laundry, its convenient having everything in one place
Joleanna and Nick

Unfortunately we were at Nationwide Children’s Hospital today for some testing on our daughter when I discovered the Blue Jackets room. Our daughter is now fourteen and we know a lot about the hospital from her past experience's there. We really just want to commend you for what you have offered to the many people in need of such an ideal setting for both children and adults. The CBJ room is quite a luxury for the many families that pass through those doors every day. We were only in today with out-patient issues but we would have given anything to have had these resources when we were there 24/7 for months on end. You deserve a big THANK YOU for your efforts.
"Carry The Flag"
Pete & Robin

My child is recovering from a difficult surgery at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He is 11 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy. I have been staying with him in the PICU here. I just wanted to say thank you for sponsoring the Blue Jackets room at the hospital. I have been able to communicate with family and colleagues during my stay and it is a nice comfortable escape at times during treatments.

My grandson has been in and out of Nationwide Children's Hospital since he was born with heart problems. Our family has used the Blue Jackets room for the internet, exercise, laundry and just a comfortable place to relax. The staff has been great. On behalf of my family I want to thank the team and the players for sponsoring the room.

Thursday before last, our back yard neighbors took their two-year-old daughter to the pediatrician to treat a sinus infection. The doctor took a quick look at the symptoms and made immediate arrangements for an MRI of her brain at the hospital. She had a brain tumor. By Friday morning, she was in surgery. For the next week, the parents stayed in her room, averaging two hours of sleep apiece. In talking to an emotionally wrung out, exhausted dad on Sunday, he volunteered that, "The Blue Jackets were great. They have a room at Children's for the family. It was a lifesaver; we could wash our clothes, shower and eat and restore ourselves there."

We are very grateful for all the services you provide to family members. Our baby will be in the NICU for a couple months and the FRC makes our visits here at Children's easier and more comfortable.

Thank You! Thank You! We were dealing with so much stress it was so nice to take a warm shower. We were not planning on staying as long as we had to, but we were able to do our laundry to feel fresh and be able to be strong for our son. Thank you Blue Jackets!

Thank you for making this outstanding resource room possible. It has genuinely made it much easier for me to focus on my child while he was having a tumor removed from his brain. As a parent who can be scared about what tomorrow may bring, having someone else there to help tend to the daily needs (and think of the many things I wasn't thinking about when coming here) is a real BLESSING. Thank you for making this room possible and for going beyond to help families like my own. God bless.

It was wonderful to discover I could wash my clothes and so refreshing to take a shower. We came here unexpected and it was phenomenal to have the simple pleasures of life in reach when far from home. I also took advantage of a massage and a hair cut. Thanks very much, I really appreciate it.

The FRC to me is just a wonderful and comforting place to be during such a stressful time. For any parent who has their child in the hospital, this place is comforting. I could relieve stress with massage therapy and doing scrapbooking. I was able to do mine and my baby's laundry. The showers are so convenient. It makes it so much easier to be in the position we were in. Thanks to all of the staff in the FRC! You made my life easier while my baby was hospitalized.

Youth & Amateur Hockey
Thank you for providing grants to local hockey programs. Our hockey association received a grant for goalie equipment. My son was able to use the equipment during his 4 years on the varsity team. Equipment is usually not appreciated until you are watching your child face a hard, fast moving puck. Our family's hockey career started before hockey was popular in Southeastern Ohio or before the Blue Jackets came to town. We did travel hockey for 13 years with Athens Youth Hockey Association. We traveled 30 miles each way to practice twice week and to many miles to think about for away games. Our adventure ended this past year; our team won the State Club Varsity Championship. Thank you again for your efforts and contributions. They do make a difference!

Thank you for the tickets, Rylee is so excited for the game. She went to sled hockey practice tonight and said how exciting is to get out on the ice and play. I never thought that I would see her so excited about a sport again. After being so active in soccer, gymnastics and snow boarding it was hard for her to handle when the doctors told her she would never be able to play contact sports. When she went to the hockey game that night her face totally lit up. We are hoping that we can get her to as many Blue Jackets games as we can. You all definitely have a new fan !!!

We wanted to write a note to show our appreciation for the Association taking the initiative to apply and secure the Columbus Blue Jacket Foundation Grant which provided a goalie coach that has benefited Alex immensely this season.
It is obvious to us that Alex is performing at a higher level this year. We feel that the majority of this improvement must surely be attributed to the Grant that allowed individualized sessions with goalie coach. We can tell from watching Alex that he is addressing scoring situations in a more strategic manner.  Alex’s self esteem hit an all time high this weekend, with 63 shots on goal with 57 saves during the first game Sunday. 
The specialized coaching has helped Alex to have more positive experiences in game situations, in turn, his confidence has grown. Thank you Athens Youth Hockey for continuing to find ways to help our goalies grow and become better players.
Bill and Anne